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Didine Canon 16 SANS PAPIERS mp3 Daly Taliani

Didine Canon 16 SANS PAPIERS تحميل أغنية ديدين كلاش بدون أوراق Didine Canon 16 mp3 ecout أغاني ديدين كلاش كلمات الأغنية بدون أوراق

Didine Canon 16 SANS PAPIERS


تحميل الاغنية من هنا

كلمات الأغنية Watch deep who HF beats in the trap.
Harmax, Tien, Landestino in the universe
Harmax, Tien, Blondes living in Amalien
Gendarmerie, Policies, Sontopi and Mamma Mia
Aisha, Sultan, Kubtaan, Meshia, Hafi
Thomas, Zidoo, Kulu, Ayan, Hnadir and Safi
Fatlaam, Al-Widan, Kifan, Katib, Guwafi
Moat, Vp, Antihan, Munis, Tiafi
Zidish, Kisan, Mizan, Hadji, Nadi

Khatrab, Al-Mizan, Bufan, Gharab, Swadi
I feel like I’m in the sea of eternity
The door is my second weapon, let’s see what I can do
Your score is in the house, may God make it fair
Count on me, I’m the one who kills
Flashback to the lights, I became the hero
The truth is that I’m in a hurry, even if it doesn’t last
I’m still in the middle of nowhere
We’re here to beat them all
Zinqa, Dory, Meal, Piano, and Abel
Be proud and accept, fuck Mook and Samel

Beautiful life, you don’t do anything
Hormax, you’re one
From the end of the world, you don’t do anything
Hormax, you’re one
Blonde, you’re the first one
Gendarmerie, police and his daddy
And my mom
We lived hard, hard
Passport visa
We lived hard, hard
But you don’t go to the port
Because my mom, she, she, she
She’s dead

And we don’t give a damn
We don’t give a damn
We live dead, dead
Zero comfort
Daoula dour dour, la hambe il gare d’gore
Amal na l’minimum, 4e album
Ma aya li zom, didi in kanom
Ki didi le bled ou zodiac pa la merm
Ki didi la vami, courage les frères

Ki didi la faqrim, ki didi la misère
Pour pas sa y vame, choli ma merm
Aide ou va bien
Hey, it’s all good, hey, it’s all good
Parmax, I love you, from the life of an Italian
Parmax, I love you, from the destiny of a Cayenne
Parmax, I love you, blonde, Egyptian, Brazilian
Gendarmerie, police, I’m her daddy, and my mom is my aunt .

أغاني الراي
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